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This is not my competition/challenge Simtech is helping a friend out with this to get as amny people involved as possible the prizes that Amy is putting up are amazing and it is well worth a look, I will post a link to the challenge for TS3 as soon as we have it up and running, it is already posted on Simtech Here

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This is a unique challenge I will be hosting for any creative simmer who would like to participate/enter. I am wanting created the entire "Cullen" family (including Bella Swan) household complete with the house, furnishings, decor, and money! I would love to have as much of both the movies and book details included. You can use whatever cc and/or cheats for this challenge. (such as familyFunds for money) Any Simmer who has the Late Night EP is welcome to enter/participate.
The prize for the most talented simmer who has the best likeness of the household is 5,000 Sim points, or the option of having all of your Wishlist fulfilled! (Be sure to put on the good stuff! LOL) There will also be a 2nd and 3rd place prize. But, as with any contest....1st place gets the most, with options. (Please read through this post for details.)
I am in the process of working with a talented/knowledgeable Simmer & friend, InaMac69 who is with Simtech. I am planning to set up a forum/posting on Simtech's site. I will also attempt to post this challenge on the Sims3 forum as well. (Please be just a little patient with me, as I am not familiar whatsoever with using forums....as crazy as that may be!?!?) I would like to let everyone know just a little of what I would like created now though. Also, if you know of any friends or fellow talented Simmers, please welcome them to participate! And share/post to as many places you can, please! I know there's a true Twilight fan out there somewhere!!!
Sims Household Specs:
All Cullens need to be in the household: Carlisle & Esme (married), Emmett & Rosalie (married), Jasper & Alice (married), and Edward Cullen & Bella Swan (engaged). All of the Cullens need to be full vampires (not just bitten), but Bella Swan should be human. Also, this will be prior to Edward & Bella's wedding, so they should already be engaged. The traits should match each character accordingly.
PART #1- Contemporary/Modern style 3 story/multi-level home. Carlisle's office, Study for Esme (complete with draft table, books and clutter), music collection Edward's Room, all Artistic and fashion design in Alice's Room, and of course all the vain fashion items imaginable in Rosalie's Room. All Bedrooms I would like to be suites with bathrooms and closets). The kitchen should be spacious and high-end (but seldom used of course! lol) The Living & Dining Room decor and furniture should be in whites/creams. The residential lot size to use is 40x40. If someone's even awesome enough to create lab/medical bed/equipment for Carlisle, that is sure to earn huge scores!
PART #2- Exterior needs are to include a fully decorated wedding! (well, minus the Sims, just decorated) Please be sure this is Anne of Green Gable-era style, or should I say Edward-era style?! Complete with seating for the guests and reception. I would love for all my vampire, wolf, and human friends to have space to party for such a union. There should also be a separate outbuilding/garage for their many awesome vehicles. (There is a cc lot on the Exchange that has most of the high-end luxury cars....I will

I hope this is helpful, and will at least give everyone a basic layout. I am planning on having the contest fully posted by January 15th, 2012. Due to the size of the household, the home creation, and decorating I am planning on having the deadline for entries up until February 15th, 2012. Also, this will give those who are not as familiar with cc time too. This should give everyone enough time to search out all the Twilight stuff possible and play the household to get everyone where they should be.

If you are interested, or know of any Twilight fans and/or talented and creative Simmers please refer them here. I will post more info on the forum once I have it ready for everyone. Please just message me on my page if you would like to enter now. Anyone can enter at anytime, however the Deadline will be February 15th 2012. The winner will be posted on February 20th.

Please feel free to send me a message with any further questions you may have.

Deadline is February 15th 2012
Winners posted on February 20th 2012
1ST PLACE PRIZE-5,000 Sim Points, or the option of having ALL of your Wishlist fulfilled (Be sure to put the good stuff on there!!! LOL)
2nd PLACE PRIZE-- 1,000 Sim Points
3rd PLACE PRIZE---500 Sim Points If you complete your creations you can message me to check out on your page/Studio, send me a link (if savvy). Once I am familiar with the forum, I'm sure I will be able to have better info for everyone on better ways.THANK ALL FOR PARTICIPATING & PLEASE HAVE FUN WITH THIS!!! HAPPY SIMMING!

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