Bertie Buttercup

here is my blonde / yellow entry for the skittles challenge over at 
Simtech. To view more info and to download click HERE

There is one more male to come for this challenge 
then I have a female sim for you
she was chosen by popular demand on Simtech

hope you are all having a great day :Dxx


  1. adoreable and all. he very prettty but i like having different kind of sims in my games. for a pretty guy sim he very good . cute and pretty does work , it a fine line but here it works out well.just watch that tv show with matt bomer he so pretty so it real

  2. thankyou all for the fab comments on bertie,I too like having different sims in game, it makes it more interesting to play, i will go check out that tv show now :Dx hugs to all x