Sorry for being MIA

OMG I am so sorry for being away so long. My PC had to be sent away to get fixed. It went away on 31st January and I have had nothing but problems fighting with the engineers. First off they said it would take a week to fix, not bad I thought. I waited almost 3 weeks. I called them and they sent my pc back with a new motherboard. Unfortunately my tower and monitor got damaged in transit. The monitor was that bad you couldnt use it. It had big scores and scratches all over it. I called them to complain and they came and collected it again.
They said it would take a week to fix, sound familiar?? It took a further 3 weeks, then they said because it was damaged in transit they would not fix it !!!!!!
I complained to someone higher up and they eventually sent me a new pc & monitor last week. Now this brand new pc will not read my sims discs, well not all the time, I put in the disc and the drive just makes a whirring sound and nothing, I tried today for a solid hour just opening and closing the drawer until finally it read the disc. I called them again and guess what, yep they are coming to collect this one...........is there no end to this saga..........  :(

Other than that I did manage to get a simmie for you. She will be uploaded in a jiffy.

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